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Ambassador | 6 steps to a better business

$4,950.00 $395.00

Discounted by 80% and available to only 5 students, this massive discount comes a request from Navig8 – we would require your agreement to allow a case study, video and photos to be obtained regards your business journey by participating in this program.

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So let’s go,  IGNITE the “Lite” & “Succeed” versions of The 6 Steps programs?

You can by locking in a three month program adding 6 x 20 minute mentoring PLUS 12 Skype sessions  with co-founders Nick Barnsdall or Joanne Brooks. Keen to have some hold you accountable, access to someone as a sounding board to bounce ideas, or just need help to sort out the muddle in your business.

The content is the same as the “Lite” program which is aimed at quickly giving you the absolute basics, ensuring your foundations are sound and in place as you navigate your business journey.

Within each Unit are key subjects or learnings and will require you to undertake certain activities to complete the unit.  Each of these units will also provide you with templates and  or tools to use in your own business.

6 steps to a better business course outline

  • Step 1: Planning
  • Step 2: Forecasting
  • Step 3: Business Development (Biz Dev)
  • Step 4: Reporting
  • Step 5: Listen
  • Step 6: Adjust

Our consultants are guaranteed to have owned and run many businesses and start-ups, including growing from zero to  multimillion dollar a year turnover business across a broad range of industries and markets.


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